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      Events Calendar

      • January 27, 2019
        Join us for a free Textile Fix-It event! The goal is to divert textiles from ending up in the landfill and bring repair skills back to use with patches, darning and stitches. Maybe you love sewing or you're a seasoned or aspiring designer?...

        10:00 AM?–?
        1:00 PM

        Mount Pleasant Branch
      • January 27, 2019
        A unique program for dads and other male caregivers attending with children newborn to 18 months. Language play for very young children and the men who love them. This 8-week program runs every Sunday from January 20th to March 10th....

        10:30 AM?–?
        11:30 AM

        Terry Salman Branch
      • January 27, 2019
        A program for parents and caregivers with young children. Songs, rhymes and stories are shared. Suitable for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy and learn together.

        11:00 AM?–?
        11:30 AM

        Mount Pleasant Branch
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